The importance of machinery maintenance

One of the services we offer in Sacema to make the lives of our customers easier is the maintenance of sweeping machines and hydraulic motors. It is easy to neglect this important aspect of the machinery, but it allows us to do a good service for longer, with less breakdowns and lower cost by lasting longer without needing a replacement.

Normally it is the manual that indicates the maintenance intervals of the machine, but in some cases we may not have any manual to refer to. In these cases we must pay attention to common sense, performing the following operations:

  • A simple, regular visual check, to verify that there are no leaks or visible damage. In case of locating a problem, it is better to take the equipment to a specialized mechanical service provider or consult with the maintenance manager.
  • Grease all parts with friction: shafts, bearings… since they wear off easily. A correct lubrication of the axles of our machine will allow less wear and a longer life of the equipment. In the case of shafts that rotate at high speed, proper lubrication is vital to prevent damage to our machine.
  • Check and refill the fluids of the machine. For example, sweeping machines have an engine that, like a car, requires oil and antifreeze for its operation. Therefore, these levels should be regularly monitored to ensure that they do not fall below the minimum. In addition, in case of detecting excessive consumption it is convenient to contact the maintenance service to avoid greater evils.

With these maintenance tasks we will prevent many breakdowns and save money and time. But when everything fails, in Sacema we have a service for repair and rehabilitation of machinery (including road cleaning equipment such as sweepers or scrubbers), in addition to rebuilding and repairing hydraulic cylindersContact us for more information.

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