Sweeping machines

In addition to manufacturers and suppliers of brushes for sweeping machines at Sacema we have created our own line of sweepers that can be connected to the machines commonly used in industry and agriculture, such as tractors, forklifts, backhoes or skid steer loaders (bobcat).

All our Sweeping Machines can be customized to the clients’ taste, they are manufactured in different sizes and with couplings to different machines, either to the forks, the bucket, the coupling to the three points of the tractor or to the mini-loaders, without being one limitation, the coupling to other machines can be considered.
In addition, both the agricultural / industrial sweeper and the push brush allow the use of a rotating module that allows them to be oriented at an angle to the machine that holds them, thus allowing them to be used as food racks or for cleaning agricultural roads waste and weeds to the side.
For all of them we have stock of brushes always to supply you with a replacement in the shortest possible time.

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In addition to having our own line of sweepers, we are also official distributors of Nilfisk sweeping machines, both manual push and seated.


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