Static Belt Cleaner

The Sacema Static Belt Cleaner is a specialised equipment for cleaning conveyor belts. With a static industrial brush across the belt, it achieves effective and safe cleaning. Unlike motorised models, this design requires no power or motor, making it an efficient and sustainable option.

Static Belt Cleaner

Sacema’s Static Belt Cleaner features a compact and simple design, making it an economical and cost-effective option to simplify conveyor belt cleaning.

Our brushes are designed for easy replacement without the need to disassemble multiple components. In addition to its primary function, this cleaner has versatile uses, such as labelling, dusting and removing excess material from parts, extending its usefulness.

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Our compact and simply designed Sacema Static Belt Cleaner is economical and cost effective by simplifying conveyor belt cleaning.

The brushes are designed for easy replacement, minimising disassembly. In addition, beyond belt cleaning, this versatile cleaner finds applications in labelling, dusting and removing excess material from various parts. Its functionality goes far beyond this, providing a multi-faceted solution for different needs in a variety of industrial environments.

The Sacema Static Belt Cleaner offers versatility in various industries. In mining, whether open pit or underground, it ensures efficient cleaning on heavy conveyor belts. In the food industry, it becomes an essential tool for multiple applications: from applying fluids to labelling, flouring and more. In manufacturing and mineral extraction, as well as in ports and bulk areas, it optimises cleaning and operation. A must-have solution for any conveyor installation, maximising efficiency in a variety of contexts.

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