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Industrial Brush and Street Cleaning, in Sacema we are specialists

Sacema is an international company, specialized in designing and distributing a wide range of industrial brushes and sweepers for industrial use and cleaning roads, streets, highways and many others. We are specialists in all types of industrial brushes. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to find the brush you need.

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Knowledge, experience and dynamism are the three values that allow our team to create high quality products, capable of satisfying the requirements of each client in an efficient and personalized way.

What we do at Sacema?

Street Cleaning

We manufacture brushes for road and street sweeper machines. We make a wide range of brushes: gutter brooms (size and front sweepers brushes), rollers and ring brushes, including, machinery spare parts, manual brooms and industrial cleaning products.

Industrial Brush

We supply exclusive custom-made brushes for many applications in industrial processes. We make a complete range of brushes: sheets, strips, rollers and ring brushes.


We also make sweepers that fit all types of forklift trucks, loaders or tractors. Our sweepers provide an effective and cost efficient solution to your premises cleaning duties, whilst utilizing the machine you already have.


At SACEMA we develop industrial cleaning projects, where we introduce the appropriate brushes for solving the diverse industrial processes and customer needs. We also offer maintenance for sweeping machines, as well as hydraulic, electric and mechanical repairs.

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