Industrial Brushes

The world of Industrial Brushes includes a very wide range of possibilities. These brushes can vary greatly depending on the needs of the client, geometry and the application or work to be performed. The industrial brush is always manufactured measured to low-level or technical specifications.

Aplication of Industrial Brushes SACEMA

SACEMA designs and supplies industrial brushes for many applications, such as cleaning conveyor belts. They are cylindrical brushes adapted to the width of the tape required, added to traditional belt cleaners or just removing them.

The fibers are usually made of nylon, with a relief studied for the correct evacuation of the residue. It can be done so that the residue is evacuated perpendicular to the brush, or directed towards a desired hopper or container.

There are several other applications for special industrial brushes for industrial processes.

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At Sacema we also offer the possibility of carrying out integration projects of complete industrial brushes, including racks, motors, guides, bearings and accessories.

We offer exclusive and customized Industrial Brushes to every customer need. Whether you need a complete project or just the replacement of industrial brushes, at SACEMA we can help you.


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