Industrial sweepers

At Cepillos Sacema we have agricultural sweepers, the ideal solution for keeping floors clean and free of debris. These cleaning machines are designed specifically for the agricultural sector, offering an efficient way to remove debris or other impurities that can affect performance and productivity.

Industrial sweepers

Outstanding Features:

Specialized Brushes: Our agricultural sweepers feature custom designed and manufactured brushes to meet the technical requirements of these machines. This enables highly effective sweeping of a wide variety of materials.
Versatility in Surfaces: Their versatile design allows a smooth adaptation to different types of surfaces, such as crop fields, rural roads and grazing areas.
No Internal Deposit: These sweepers are ingeniously designed to collect swept debris and debris in a specific location. This facilitates later collection and disposal in an orderly manner.
Cleaning Efficiency: With our agricultural sweepers, the cleaning of large areas of land is carried out in an expeditious and efficient manner, resulting in significant savings of time and resources in the maintenance of agricultural areas.
Durability and Resistance: Built with the highest quality materials and robustness, our agricultural sweepers are designed to withstand the most rigorous field conditions and provide exceptional performance over long periods of time.

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The Agricultural and Industrial Sweeper offers a highly effective and superior sweeping performance, regardless of the type of waste or the surface in question.

This option is especially suitable when waste collection is not necessary, but rather its displacement or removal.

Our Agricultural Sweeper is equipped with a modular frame, allowing its adaptation to forklifts, self-loaders or tractors, achieving a simple and fast incorporation.

It has a traction system with gears, eliminating chains and belts, and with a hydraulic motor that allows it to turn in both directions.

Agricultural Sweeper

Our backhoe sweeper is equipped with a sturdy frame that features adjustable supports, plus a drive system that employs gears and a hydraulic motor with quick-connect hoses. This allows it to be attached by welding a small piece to the sides of the bucket in a convenient manner.

The sweeper designed for SACEMA backhoes is characterized by its simplicity, practicality and resistance. The only maintenance required is the greasing of the moving parts.

Bucket Sweeper

The sweeper with tank guarantees a highly effective and quality sweeping, being the right choice when waste collection is required. For this reason, it includes a spacious tank equipped with a hydraulic system that allows convenient emptying directly from the cab.

This model of sweeper with tank comes ready with a modular frame, which facilitates its adaptation to self-loaders or tractors. The coupling process is simple and tool-free, using pins and hydraulic quick-plug connections.

Sweeper with Collector

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