Strip Brushes

The standard strip brushes are an industrial brush in strip form with a metal body.

Strip Brushes

The standard strip brush is a strip-shaped brush characterized by its metal body and filaments forming a complete closure with a curtain effect.

It is manufactured using a roll forming machine that deforms metal strips around the filaments, closing in on themselves, making it a product that is not tufted like most brushes in a plastic body.

This most notable feature is the total continuity in the filaments, mainly due to the continuous roll forming manufacturing method, which in turn provides fewer customization options.

The metal bodies are primarily made of galvanized steel, though they can also be made of stainless steel.

Generally, it is the least technical of the industrial brushes, as it has few customization options and the most commonly used filament is black polypropylene.

Although it can be cut to specific lengths, it is supplied in lengths of 3000 or 2500 mm and requires an aluminum support to be mounted on the machine.

Besides polypropylene as filaments, they can be made with polyamides, natural filaments, or metal wires, the latter being a chosen option when a strong wire is needed in high-temperature environments.

Strip brushes cannot be mounted by themselves as they require either integration with an aluminum support, machining a special housing on the machine, or directly welding the body.

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  • Standard strip brush:

These are the most common strip brushes. The filaments are mounted in a metal body that is shaped by the roll formers. It almost always requires complementing with an aluminum support piece and can be manufactured with plastic, metal, or natural filaments.

  • Inserted strip brush:

These are strip or lath brushes, in which the manufacturing method is through tufts in a plastic body, providing more versatility than the standard ones.

  • Flexible strip brush:

The flexible strip brush is an evolution of the previous one, in which the support is a flexible material (rubber), providing flexibility and adaptability. It is very useful for closing curved, cylindrical, elliptical, or spiral gaps.

They are also inserted brushes and can be made with plastic or natural filaments. In this case, wires cannot be inserted, as the flexible base is weaker than a rigid one.

  • Watertight strip brush:

This is an evolution of the previous flexible brush, in which the flexible rubber profile itself incorporates a rubber flap or lip that wraps around the filament, leaving only the last millimetres of the bristle end free.

  • Circular strip brush and glass:

These are brushes that we include within the strip brushes since they are standard strip brushes, with a metallic body. In their manufacturing process they are curved, losing the original strip shape and defining themselves in cups and circles.

  • Spiral strip brush:

A spiral strip brush is a brush that forms a spiral and like the cups and circles, are standard strip brushes, metal body, which in a manufacturing process are added to bend and curve them, losing the original strip shape and generating a spiral.

The spiral can have the filaments on the inside or outside, and is defined by the outside diameter, inside diameter, brush head, pitch and total length.

This version is very common to be made by welding and integrating it into a shaft, whether hollow or solid.

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