Mini Roller Conveyor

The mini roller conveyor is a classic roller conveyor in which the material support rollers are cylindrical brushes.

Mini Roller Conveyor

The brush roller conveyor from Sacema is a piece of equipment designed to move pieces with very delicate supports.

The standard roller conveyor is very common equipment and is widely distributed and introduced in the industry to move and handle goods.

Virtually all workshops have some type of support roller or conveyor, designed according to the dimensions and weight of the pieces they help move.

By integrating cylindrical brushes to form a roller conveyor, we take a step forward in product technology, as the brushes will ensure much smoother contact than just the rollers.

With the integration of brushes, brush conveyors aim to improve 2 aspects of classic roller conveyors:

  • The contact with the surface of the piece to be moved will be much smoother and more delicate. The pieces rest on the filaments of the cylindrical brushes and thus will not leave any marks on the pieces.
  • They will provide friction, which will make the pieces move less on the rollers.

The technical brush roller conveyor can be designed and configured as desired. Parallel roller trains can be made, in the desired size and spaced as needed, with a more or less robust frame.

There is already a pre-configured and ready-made mini roller conveyor model, equipped with a mini brush kit on a galvanized steel C-guide, mounting either 30 or 60 mini brushes on a 2-meter length section.

This standard mini conveyor has mini brushes with a total diameter of 30 mm, on a 21 mm body, 26 mm length, and a 3 mm shaft.

Based on this concept, a custom project can be created with the necessary brush conveyor according to the pieces and the path or movement, whether manual or motorized.

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