Mini Roller Conveyor

At Sacema we manufacture the so-called roller conveyor. A type of conveyor or movement system that uses rollers to facilitate the movement of objects or materials from one point to another in an efficient and continuous manner. This method of transport is used in a variety of industrial, logistics and material handling applications.

Mini Roller Conveyor

The roller conveyor generally consists of a series of rollers placed on a structure or frame to form a continuous, smooth surface. The rollers can be made of various materials, such as steel or plastic, depending on the load and the specific application.

Some examples of roller conveyor usage include:

  • Roller conveyors: These are conveyor systems used in warehouses, distribution industries and production lines to move packages, boxes or products from one point to another in an automated manner.
  • Roller tables: Used in loading and unloading areas, as well as for handling heavy objects such as pallets or barrels.
  • Airport conveyors: To facilitate the transfer of baggage from the check-in counter to the aircraft.
  • Material handling applications: In manufacturing, packaging and other industrial operations that require the smooth movement of materials or products.

The roller conveyor is an efficient and reliable solution for the transport of objects and materials in various industries and has contributed significantly to the improvement of productivity and automation of logistics processes.

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