Push Brush

The Push Brush is an industrial-sized broom designed for pushing and sweeping using forklifts, tractors, telehandlers, loaders, or skid steers.

Push Brush

It consists of a 5 mm thick carbon steel frame in standard sizes and brush plate modules with very high-density plastic filaments, providing sufficient rigidity to sweep away waste and various materials.

The pusher is designed to attach to the forks of forklifts, with couplings often developed for other machinery such as tractors, telehandlers, loaders, or skid steers.

Similarly, brushes with filaments mixed with steel rods or even push brushes made entirely of steel rods as the sweeping material are often used, depending on the industry in which they are being employed.

It is also common to add structural reinforcements to the frame of the push broom for use with large machines.

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The push brush is available in 4 standard working widths: 1200 mm, 1800 mm, 2400 mm, and 3000 mm, with intermediate or even larger sizes being developed as needed.

The standard version is a straight frame that pushes all the product in the direction of the tractor machine’s advance, but the following variants are available:

  • Orientable push brush

It is an orientable push broom, a device with a specially designed frame to have a central pivot point, allowing it to be oriented and locked in an inclined working position.

This way, it aims to sweep and leave the residue on one side, and the most common use is as a food pusher in agricultural facilities and for cleaning paths by moving residues to the sides.

  • Push Brush with V Modules

It is a push broom with modules added at both ends in a triangular shape, designed to shift the residue to the center of the pusher and prevent material from spilling out the sides of the push broom if it accumulates excessively.

  • Push brush with Removable Ends

It is a variant of the previous one with the same purpose, to prevent the residue from spilling out the sides but with an additional rectangular brush. Typically, it is added after the standard push broom, increasing the working width by 400 mm on each side.

  • Push brush with Anti-Overflow Plate

More than a variant, it is an accessory where a plate is added to the front of the brush to prevent the accumulated product from overflowing over the brush.

The push broom is a very versatile tool, which, at a competitive price, offers a sweeper with its special features, with an excellent work width to price ratio, and is widely distributed across many sectors and applications:

Applications in Agriculture and Livestock:

  • Sweeping and Cleaning: Removal of cereals, feed, straw, manure, mud, dirt and sludge.
  • Facilities Maintenance: Cleaning of silos, stables, sheds, barns, farms, drains, grain storage, etc.
  • Slurry Management: Sweeping of liquid slurry and manure.
  • Feed Handling: Movement of feed, grain, straw and alfalfa.
  • Feed Handler: Version with orientation for feed distribution.

In industrial warehouses, car parks and public areas:

  • Exterior Cleaning: Removal of packaging waste, pallets and gravel.
  • Maintenance: Sweeping of waste, shavings and cleaning in industrial warehouses.
  • Events and Agglomerations: Sweeping in large warehouses, fairs and crowded areas.

At Recycling and Waste Treatment Plants:

  • Sorting and Cleaning: Collection of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and debris.
  • Industrial Recycling: Handling of urban waste and material in the recycling industry.
  • Facilities Maintenance: Waste movement, building maintenance and cleaning.
  • Waste Management: Handling of industrial waste, scrap metal, shavings, parts and waste materials.

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