Animal Comfort Totem

Our animal comfort totem is designed to ensure the welfare of pets, improve their comfort, reduce their stress and improve their productivity.

Animal Comfort Totem

The key function of our animal comfort totem pole is to assist animals during their moulting process.

It is composed of a metal structure firmly fixed to the ground, with a solid support that guarantees the stability of the totem against the onslaught it may receive.

For this application, it is not necessary to use complex motorised equipment, as we have found that the animals use it continuously by using a static cattle-scratching brush.

This reduces the problems of electrical breakdowns and does not consume any energy.

This means that our animal comfort totem can be installed in the middle of an esplanade without access to electricity.

This product is made up of a very robust carbon steel frame and with the technical brushes to choose between medium, high or low hardness, and a height adjustment system according to the size of the animals, the needs of each installation are fully covered.

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The brushes designed for animal welfare, manufactured by Sacema, are grouped into three main categories:

  1. Vertical cylindrical totem poles: These totem poles are placed in an isolated manner in areas of free access for the livestock, whether in the middle of the pasture, inside the stall, in passage areas or in any location where the livestock move freely.
  2. Pillar brushes: These brushes are mounted on the pillars of sheds or stalls, allowing animals to approach from the side to scratch. They are also commonly installed in aisles and passageways.
  3. Beam brushes: These brushes are placed on rafters, tendays or under low decks in barns or sheds. Their purpose is to provide the animals with a surface to scratch their backs.

We offer a combination of totem pole and beam, suitable for isolated areas. This can be in the form of an “L” configuration with one beam or in a “T” shape to combine the cylinder brush with two beams, allowing two animals to scratch each other and achieving optimum balance.

Whether pillar, beam or totem brushes, they are secured to the floor with countersunk bolts to prevent any possibility of injury or injury to the animals.

This totem consists of a sturdy carbon steel frame.

The technical brushes are cylindrical brushes whose filament density is specially designed to come into direct contact with the animals.

A system of height adjustment according to the size of the animals, thus covering the needs of each installation. And without electricity consumption.

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