WWTP cleaning

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At Sacema we have developed products for WWTP cleaning (the cleaning of wastewater treatment plants).

The cleaning of WWTPs (Waste Water Treatment Plants) is of vital importance for several reasons:

  • Environmental protection: WWTPs treat wastewater, if not kept clean and efficient, untreated wastewater can pollute rivers, lakes and oceans, damaging aquatic ecosystems and putting wildlife at risk.
  • Public health: Wastewater contains pollutants that can cause serious diseases if released untreated. An efficient WWTP helps eliminate these hazards and ensures that water used for drinking and recreation is clean and safe.
  • Sustainability: Proper wastewater treatment is essential to conserve water resources and ensure a clean and safe water supply for future generations. In addition, the treatment process can recover valuable resources, such as nutrients and energy, which contributes to sustainability.
  • Infrastructure protection: Proper maintenance of WWTPs prolongs their service life and avoids costs, repairs or early replacement.

To this end, Cepillos Sacema has developed products related to the automation of the cleaning process that takes place in WWTPs, with the use of our industrial brushes.

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WWTP cleaning

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