WWTP Decanters

The self-cleaning of the channels of the WWTP decanters is a machine designed to ensure the total cleaning of the walls of the decanters.

WWTP Decanters

The EDAR decanter cleaning system is easily installed on the bridge, and its position is adjustable to ensure thorough cleaning that overcomes the irregularities of the civil works.
This innovative solution operates continuously, without requiring additional motors or extra energy consumption, making it an effective and environmentally friendly option.

Thanks to the self-cleaning technology incorporated in the WWTP’s decanter channel, algae growth is effectively eliminated, preventing clogging and improving the overall performance of the treatment plant.

Regular, automated cleaning ensures optimal system performance, reducing maintenance costs and maximising plant efficiency.

With our WWTP decanter cleaning system, wastewater companies and organisations can enjoy a simple cleaning process and worry-free maintenance, while helping to preserve the aquatic ecosystem.

Opting for this solution represents an important step towards sustainability and environmental protection.

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Our WWTP cleaning system has an AISI 304 stainless steel structure and is designed to clean even the most difficult corners. This WWTP decanter cleaning system ensures adequate pressure on the walls of the channel.

This system is 100% sustainable, as it uses the traction of the WWTP’s own bridge, so it does not need an additional motor.

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