WWTP Decanters

Water treatment plants (WWTP Decanters) typically incorporate technical brushes as components of the machines.

WWTP Decanters

Sacema offers a definitive solution to prevent the proliferation of algae that grow in the outlet channels of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).

The solution is a structural system that attaches to the clarifier bridges and takes advantage of their own rotation to clean the surface of the channels with brushes.

Starting from the bridge, a tubular structure with a regulation and bracing system is presented to position the plate-type brushes in front of each channel to be cleaned in the clarifiers.

Usually, there are four faces to clean: the three of the WWTP’s own channel or the fourth where the wastewater from the clarifier exits.

This system is 100% sustainable, as it uses the traction of the sewage treatment plant’s own bridge, so it does not need an additional motor.

Bracing is necessary since the bridge exerts a lot of leverage on the brush’s friction, requiring a strong supporting structure.

The brushes have a special shape that covers the corners of the WWTP channels, which is quite technical.

The frame is made of 304 stainless steel, but can be made of 316 upon request.

The filaments have been specially selected not to absorb water and to be compatible with the aggressiveness of the wastewater, with stainless steel staples to prevent rusting and loss of filaments, thus avoiding the contamination of external discharges with plastics.

Sacema’s WWTP cleaner is the definitive solution to prevent WWTP operators from having to enter the clarifiers to scrape and remove algae that grow excessively in the outlet channels of the clarifiers.

This automates the algae cleaning process, reduces risks, and eliminates a cleaning activity that has a certain degree of laboriousness, risk, and is also routine.

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