Crossbelt Cleaner

Our Crossbelt cleaner has been specifically designed for the sanitisation of wide conveyor belts and conveyor belts, guaranteeing a highly efficient and safe cleaning process.

Crossbelt Cleaner

Our Cross Belt Cleaner consists of four parallel belts that are positioned crosswise under the conveyor belt, allowing for thorough cleaning on wide belts.

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  • Effective Cleaning: Our equipment is specifically designed to efficiently and thoroughly remove dirt, debris and contaminants that accumulate on conveyor belts. Cleanliness is critical to ensuring the efficiency and life of your equipment, and Sacema’s Crossbelt Cleaner does this exceptionally well.
  • Safety First: We know that safety is a priority in any industrial environment. Our cleaner is designed with safety in mind, with features that minimise risks to operators.
  • Durability and Strength: Manufactured with high quality materials and a robust design, it stands up to the most demanding conditions and delivers consistent performance over time.
  • Versatility: Our cleaner adapts to a wide variety of industries and applications, from mining to agriculture to food. Whatever your industry, the Sacema Crossbelt Cleaner is the right choice.

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