Industrial cleaning products

At Sacema, we have a wide range of industrial cleaning products specifically designed to optimally clean industrial surfaces. These products can perfectly complement our industrial brushes, thus achieving the best results in the maintenance of various facilities.

Industrial cleaning products

Our industrial cleaning products are formulated to tackle the most demanding cleaning tasks and are used in a variety of industrial environments to maintain a high level of hygiene and safety.

At Sacema we have a wide range of brushes for scrubbing and polishing machines, as well as industrial hoses, which are useful in a variety of sectors.


Some of the most common industrial cleaning products include:

  1. Industrial degreasers: Designed to remove oils, greases and heavy soiling from industrial machinery and equipment.
  2. Surface cleaners: For cleaning floors, walls and other surfaces in industrial environments.
  3. Industrial disinfectants: Used to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms in areas where a high level of hygiene is required, such as hospitals, laboratories and the food industry.
  4. Descalers: To remove mineral deposits and scale from pipes, boilers and other industrial equipment.

In addition to chemicals, there are also specific tools and accessories for industrial cleaning such as our scrubbing machine brushes, industrial hoovers, industrial hoses and other specialised cleaning equipment. These industrial cleaning products are essential for maintaining cleanliness, safety and efficiency in industrial environments.

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