Antistatic Brushes

At Sacema, our antistatic brushes have been developed to deflect static charges that can cause losses in productivity, reduced quality, damage to electronic systems and even risks of fire or explosion of flammable materials present in factories.

Antistatic Brushes

Antistatic brushes are designed to dissipate unwanted static charges that can damage sensitive electronic components when static electricity builds up on an object.

Antistatic brushes are made of conductive or semi-conductive materials that allow static electricity to be dissipated and redirected in a controlled manner to earth. By using these brushes on surfaces or when handling objects, they help neutralise static charge and prevent problems associated with it.

These antistatic brushes are commonly used in the electronics industry, the manufacture of sensitive components, the cleaning of electronic equipment and in environments where static electricity can be a problem, such as in clean rooms or places where flammable or explosive products are handled.

It is important to note that the technology and design of antistatic brushes can vary depending on the application and the sensitivity of the components being handled. In general, antistatic brushes are a valuable tool to prevent damage caused by static electricity and ensure a safe working environment in certain industries.

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