Disc brushes

Disc brushes are flat circular brushes used in various applications in industrial processes.

Disc brushes

Technical disc brushes, though less common than cylinders and strips, are also widely used in industrial processes.

They are flat, circular or disc-shaped brushes with filaments distributed in concentric tufts, and they can extend straight (perpendicular to the disc), or at an angle outward radially, that is, each tuft extends outward in a plane perpendicular to the disc that passes through its axis and the center of the tuft.

Most technical disc brushes have a dense or tightly packed tuft distribution, with varying densities, but they can also be defined with blades, gaps, or helices.

Disc brushes work dynamically by rotating around their axis, and are designed to work on flat surfaces.

More technical applications are found in carpet-washing machines or in the full range of satin finishing and deburring machines for sheets.

The side brushes of sweepers, both for urban cleaning and road or industrial applications, are also disc brushes, although in their larger versions with injected disc bodies, and with filaments with a significant extension, and most commonly mixed with steel rods.

Technical disc brushes are manufactured in plastic bodies machined on a CNC milling machine, where rebates, grooves, or grip holes are also machined as needed for integration with the machine in which they are used.

Like any technical brush made with tufts, disc brushes can be mounted with any technical filament, natural or metal wires, or a mix of two, according to the application and work requirements of the discs.

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