HEAVY DUTY Motorised Belt Cleaner

At Sacema, we have designed the HEAVY DUTY Motorised Belt Cleaner, an advanced solution aimed at tackling the most demanding challenges in the field of industrial cleaning, especially in the context of conveyor belts.

HEAVY DUTY Motorised Belt Cleaner

At Sacema, we have developed and manufacture this product to meet the demands of rigorous cleaning on conveyor belts.

The HEAVY DUTY Motorised Belt Cleaner sets a new standard in the cleaning of these essential surfaces. With its implementation of a motorised cylindrical industrial brush, whose counter-rotating motion ensures optimum performance, this device demonstrates exceptional efficiency in the removal of stubborn debris and adhering particles.

In environments where conveyor belt cleanliness is a critical factor for continuous operation, the HEAVY DUTY Motorised Belt Cleaner stands out as a reliable solution. From applications in the mining industry to industrial manufacturing, this equipment adapts to challenging conditions and ensures thorough cleaning on these specific surfaces.

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