Lath and Table Brushes

Lath and table brushes have the quality of being a simple and versatile solution, given the large number of applications in which they can be used without requiring complex installations.

Lath and Table Brushes

Strip Brushes and Tables can have wooden or plastic bases and are needed in most industries, in a wide variety of applications, without the need for complex installations, in most cases.
These brushes are used from guiding products on a production line, to applying glue for labelling bottles, to being used as support tables for delicate parts, etc.

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Strip and table brushes can be adapted to any sector and are often used for: sealing, closing gaps, applying liquids, greasing, cleaning, polishing, dosing, protecting, braking, damping the noise of cutting machines or simply to straighten packaging cuts, as well as many other applications.

One of the main fields of application of these table brushes is in the sheet metal processing industry, as they are used as support tables on punching, bending or panel bending machines, ensuring a smooth, gentle, uniform and safe support.

These lath or table brushes are made to measure, according to the technical specifications and materials required by the customer.

They can be made of plastic or wood, with the possibility of inserting fibres in tufts of different diameters and arranged in line or in staggered rows depending on how thick the brush is required.

The fibres of these industrial brushes can be of synthetic, natural or metallic material, with the desired length and with low, medium or high densities depending on the application or use of the brush.

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