Spiral Brush

The spiral brush is a strip brush curved over itself into a helical or spiral shape.

Spiral Brush

A very interesting and widely introduced version in industrial processes are spiral brushes.

The most classic version is to have only the spiral strip brush without any support, although tufted brushes are also made. Starting from a strip brush with a metallic body, the helix is fundamentally defined based on the inner diameter obtained with the strip body and the total number of turns.

The pitch or total height of the spiral brush can also be defined, but it is a product with some flexibility and has a spring effect, so the pitch can be easily modified during assembly.

It is manufactured by adding an extra accessory to the profiling machine that makes the straight industrial strip brushes, where it is forced to pass through a final tube (of the inner diameter needed to make the helix) and turns coordinated with the profiler to wind the strip around it.

Spiral brushes are versatile brushes and generally aim to displace waste or elements, working with an Archimedes screw when the pitch is sufficient.

On other occasions, the spiral brush is manufactured and assembled with the helix pitch being the width of the strip, i.e., they are placed against each other without any space between them, thus obtaining a very filament-type cylinder with the advantage (or disadvantage) of not having tufts and staples to fix the filaments.

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  • Classic spiral strip brush

It is the most classic and simple version of helical brushes. The helical brush is delivered loose and, depending on the machine design, some carrying system must be provided, and there is some flexibility to adjust the pitch.

  • Welded spiral strip brush

The strip is welded onto a shaft, either solid or tubular, and in this way, the helix pitch is completely defined, although sometimes they are welded against each other to make a fully dense roller.

It should be noted that welding generates a lot of heat and the brush filaments can burn if they are plastic or natural, and this problem does not exist for spirals with metallic strips, being the only way to make cylindrical brushes when continuous temperatures exceed 300ºC, which PEEK plastic cannot withstand.

  • Staple set spiral brush

It is the spiral brush that is not manufactured from a strip but is a stampled set brush on a cylindrical plastic body. The staple set robot allows positioning each of the tufts and can make the helix as complex as desired, such as variable pitches, several helices at once, even in different pitches, etc.

On some occasions, Sacema has even manufactured spiral brushes with a material in a total diameter, and integrated into it, a spiral in a larger diameter and another filament.

  • Complete spiral strip brush

The strip is welded onto a shaft, either solid or tubular, but it is prepared in such a way that the helix pitch is the width of the strip, i.e., one body supports the other, and a complete cylindrical brush is obtained, although it is assembled based on a spiral.

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