Cleaning, order and use of resources

It is clear that no one likes to work in dirty and without order, and if you are one of those who do, change habits, as it is proven that a person performs much better in a clean and orderly environment.

When we talk about a world as chaotic as the industry, where there are constant movements of merchandise, the quality of the environment is not taken into account. Conveyor belts are present in all factories where chain production processes are carried out. These bands are used for the transport of raw materials such as food, gravel or sand… and there are usually remains of this product that is lost or over time can create a layer of dirt that hinders the good operation of the productive chain.

At SACEMA we propose a brushing solution to solve this problem as much as possible.

Sacema’s Static Belt Cleaner is a specialised conveyor belt cleaning equipment, which performs an effective and safe cleaning of the conveyor belt with an industrial lath brush, which remains static and transversal to the belt.

Unlike the motorised cleaner, the static cleaner has no motor and no power consumption.

limpiador de banda heavy duty

It is a compact and very simple, and therefore economical, equipment that is cost-effective as it simplifies the cleaning of conveyor belts.

These brushes are designed for very simple replacement, with little need for disassembly of components.

In addition, as indicated in the applications section, the cleaner can be used for much more than just cleaning belts: labelling, dusting, removing excess material from a piece…

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