Máquina Barredora

How sweeper machines work

We’ve all seen road cleaning sweepers, but few of us really know how they work. The reality is that it is a subject that has crumb, because it is not as simple as it seems.

Although the street cleaning sweepers – the typical ones that we see in the streets – have two large brushes on the sides (like brushes for Sacema spare parts), their function is only to move the garbage to the central part of the sweeper.

Máquina Barredora

Here, instead of having a brush that moves the trash to a tank (as with the broom and dustpan) we have a suction nozzle. That is, these types of sweepers are actually more similar to huge vacuum cleaners than we can imagine with the term “sweeper.” The deposit, as in a domestic vacuum cleaner, is located at the rear.
In larger machines (based on trucks) there is a central brush that helps move the waste towards the suction nozzle, but again the general idea of operation is quite similar to that of a “vacuum truck”, in which the brushes complement the cleaning by adding sweeping width and descaling gum and other elements difficult to remove simply by aspiration.

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