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News on street sweepers for public roads

Street sweeping machines are highly advanced vehicles that have become commonplace in public roads.

These vehicles operate under demanding conditions, dealing with materials such as waste, water, and sand. In addition to the automotive components, they incorporate complex hydraulic systems for waste suction and storage, as well as water storage and recovery.

Public roads in any city are often affected by the accumulation or excess of trash and residues from human activity. Municipal cleaning services, utilizing both traditional street sweepers and newer sweeping and washing machines, are responsible for maintaining clean and sanitary cities.

In 2023, manufacturers of street sweeping machines have been updating their models to incorporate improvements aimed at enhancing productivity, usability, data generation, and controls, while also increasing performance and reducing energy consumption. 

There has been a notable shift towards electrification, with the introduction of models that are 100% electric and have sufficient autonomy to operate throughout the workday.

Many of the enhancements in street sweeping machines are not immediately visible, focusing instead on computing, sensors, and data analysis. These advancements include the integration of expert systems that learn from sweeping patterns, map work routes, interact with traffic and pedestrians, and identify areas needing cleaning.

Furthermore, these expert systems are moving towards communicating with other vehicles and city systems to optimize cleaning routes, ensuring they only sweep where necessary rather than over clean surfaces on pre-defined routes, focusing instead on areas with concentrated residues on roadways.

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