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Coronavirus crisis affects street cleaning

The effects of the coronavirus on the society after the declaration of State of Emergency, and the confinement of society, is having an impact on all Spanish markets and economic activities.

City councils and municipal service companies, in their street cleaning division, are also being strongly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and have had to adapt their procedures and ways of working to the new needs of society.

With the confinement of the society in their homes and the minimal activity in the streets, the need for street cleaning by means of mechanical and manual sweeping has been greatly reduced. It is normal, there are no longer people on the streets smoking and throwing cigarette butts, papers, containers and all kinds of waste.

Sweepers have been replaced by street washing machines

This change has made the presence of sweeping machines disappear in our streets, and therefore the consumption of brushes is minimized, which affects all brush manufacturers that work with street cleaning.

On the other hand, street washing and flushing machines are on the move trying to disinfect the streets with bleach and water solutions and are trying to kill off the coronavirus strains found on different surfaces.

In addition, numerous street cleaning companies or the city councils themselves have been affected by the disease, which has forced the rest of their colleagues to carry out an obligatory quarantine.

What is Sacema doing?

Seeing the situation generated by entering into State of Emergency due to the coronavirus crisis, Sacema is following all the measures recommended in the contingency plans to avoid contamination and avoid any impact on the company’s activity.

To ensure the continuity of the activity and the health of our employees, we have implemented teleworking for 100% of the office staff, being operational and available through all kinds of non-face-to-face communication channels, leaving as few staff as possible in the workshop and warehouse to continue manufacturing and delivering orders.

Strict hygiene measures have been implemented for the remaining manufacturing personnel, so that at no time is there contact of any kind or that two people are in the same space at the same time.

For this reason, like the rest of the industrial companies, we are experiencing delays in the supplies and supplies of goods and with serious logistical problems that lead us to delays in the expected delivery times.

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