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Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are industrial brushes in the form of a strip, consisting of an elongated support where different filaments are inserted. This support features a plate that serves as a fixing mechanism for the brush on the required surface, depending on its use.

Our extensive catalog of strip brushes makes them one of the most versatile options, as they can adapt to various surfaces depending on the type of cleaning required for each occasion.

Materials and Structure

These brushes are characterized by their long, flexible fibers arranged in strips, allowing them to effectively tackle irregular surfaces, gaps, and hard-to-reach areas.

The materials of both the base and the filament can vary depending on the technical requirements of each brush, such as temperature resistance, the necessary degree of flexibility, the available space, etc.

Types of Strip Brushes and Their Differences

Standard Strip Brushes:
The filaments are inserted into a metal body that is shaped by pressure. They are usually complemented by a support piece.

Inserted Strip Brushes:
These are strip brushes where the manufacturing method is through tufts. Their design allows for easy and versatile installation in a wide variety of industrial environments.

Spiral Strip Brushes:
These are standard strip brushes in the form of a spiral. Made with a metal body, they undergo a manufacturing process where they are curved and bent, losing the original strip shape and forming a spiral.

Industrial Uses of Strip Brushes

Industrial Sealing:
Strip brushes are used to seal gaps in industrial doors, conveyor systems, and machinery, preventing the entry of dust or dirt and ensuring a clean and efficient working environment.

Surface and Conveyor Cleaning:
These brushes are ideal for cleaning surfaces and equipment in production lines, effectively removing dust and debris. Their use on conveyors helps maintain hygiene and continuous operation.

Guiding and Positioning:
In conveyor systems, strip brushes guide and position products precisely, minimizing the risk of damage.

Static Electricity Dissipation:
Anti-static brushes, especially important in the electronics industry, prevent the accumulation of static electricity that could damage sensitive components.

Cepillo strip


Strip brushes are an indispensable tool in industrial applications, offering efficient and versatile solutions for a variety of needs.

At Cepillos Sacema, we are committed to providing high-quality products that enhance productivity and efficiency in different industrial environments. If you are looking for versatility and reliability, our strip brushes are the ideal choice.

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