cepillo strip

Strip Brushes

This time we will dedicate the post to a variety of the brushes call strip, whose applications are the most varied, these brushes go unnoticed but are present and are necessary everyday items.

In places where we can move every day a very common type of these strip brushes are present, now straight, such as at the ends of the revolving doors, allowing a better sliding of them through the floor and side surfaces.

Cepillo strip

Its presence goes unnoticed also on the sides of the escalators and in the sealing of the elevator doors.

Another very usual day to day use is its placementat the bottom of the doors to prevent the entry of dirt and dust while preventing the escape of heat from inside the homes.

Cepillo strip

Today, bicycles are increasingly used as a means of urban transport, and one of the problems that this means of transport usually gives is the malfunction of the transmission, although many do not know it, it is important to devote time to care and chain cleaning, so that it lasts longer and the system works better. For this there is a type of strip brush, which with its spiral shape and the help of a good degreaser allows efficient cleaning.

cepillo strip espiral

With a similar brush but forming a more closed spiral this strip brush helps us with the washing of ropes and in the cleaning of residues in the wire and cable drawing process, which although less common is also interesting.

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