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Push brush in livestock

Sacema’s push brush is a multifaceted tool in livestock farms.

The first use that we would think to use it is to remove the manure or “cucho” as we say in Asturias of the cattle exploitation. This work is done simply and efficiently.

In the same line as the previous one, it serves to clean the access to the farm, the roads and the exterior of the continuous passage of the agricultural machinery.

But the great advantage of Sacema’s push brush in livestock farms is that it serves to bring the food mix to the animal feeders.

When the cows feed, they are continuously removing the mixture from the feeders, causing the farmer to be continually feeding them.

That’s where the push brush is effective as a food arrimador. All you have to do is use the push brush in its rotating version. To do this, the mixture is swept as if it were the standard straight brush, and as it is adjustable, it is deposited on the inclined side, in the feeder. Thus, it is able to feed the entire livestock farm in a single pass.

In addition, it is an accessory or implement for use with existing machinery, be it a tractor, a wheelbarrow, or self-loader, so there is no need to buy a new machine, only an accessory for the existing one.

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