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Industrial pipe cleaning

There is a lot of manufacturing industry very intensive in pipelines for the transport of fluids, gases, powders, or light solid materials, which is very common in the heavy and chemical industry.

Moving materials in pipelines is the only option for gases and certain fluids, but for moving powder materials or small solids it has a very important advantage over conveyor belts or other open transport units, as there are no losses.

Thus, it is very common to see all kinds of pipelines in factories, and the design, calculation, manufacturing, and certification of them is a whole craft and specialization in the manufacturing industry, commonly called “piping.”

But the problems begin as the operation progresses, as in many cases the need for industrial cleaning inside the pipeline due to dirt, narrowing, and even blockages is not taken into account.

There are many processes where industrial cleaning will never be necessary due to the nature of the element that flows inside, but in other cases, whether due to impurities and dirt it carries, or its own nature in solids, and whenever there is a change of product, it will be necessary to carry out industrial cleaning of the inside of the pipeline, and difficulties begin.

The first recommendation is to choose the largest pipe diameter that you can afford and have space for, and whenever there are doubts in the calculation between one diameter and another, choose the larger diameter, as it will simplify the cleaning of its interior afterwards, as well as reduce the pressure loss in case of pressurized fluids, and reduce the risk of blockages in the case of solid elements.

Companies that manufacture machines for industrial cleaning have developed all kinds of tools, machines, and equipment for the internal cleaning of pipelines.

Most of them are based on equipment that introduces high-pressure water inside, which can be a flexible pole that pushes from one end or a robot that moves inside.

Sacema has developed, at the request of some of its clients, a manual cleaning equipment for the inside of pipelines, in which there is a spiral brush mounted on a spring, which is pulled from both sides.

The brush provides cleaning and the spring provides support and flexibility, and in this way, it is a useful tool for the internal cleaning of industrial pipelines.

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