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Brushes for wood treatment

One of the mature sectors where industrial brushes are widely introduced is the wood industry, for its cleaning and treatment.

The wood value chain is very extensive, starting in the forest with the felling and pruning of trees and ending in furniture, beams, or finished boards in the case of higher value applications.

Industrial brushes for wood treatment are not used in all phases of the life cycle but are employed in the intermediate treatment phases, when the wood is already dry and cut into slats or boards, and needs to be worked on.

Most brushing processes aim at cleaning, removing wood dust that remains in the pores, and eliminating the natural imperfections of the wood.

Depending on the work to be done, the treatment, and the type of wood, we have the following types of brushes:

  • Abrasive: With synthetic nylon filaments embedded with silicon carbide particles (carborundum), these are commonly used for roughening and giving an aged effect.
  • Sanding with tampico: These are tampico brushes with sandpaper inserts, where you can choose the grit. The sandpaper wears down the wood, and the tampico collects and removes the dust from the wood’s pores.
  • Metallic: Brushes with metal wires as the working material. They are very aggressive and, although used less frequently than the previous two, they are also used for certain cleaning tasks and removing imperfections in wood treatment.

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