Brushes for special cleaning purposes

At SACEMA we are always looking for solutions in the brush industry for the different needs of our clients. In this post we are going to talk about cleaning during mechanical procedures on surfaces that are difficult to access.

There are several challenges for companies that are dedicated to cleaning and maintaining urban and rural spaces, heavy industry or spills in natural spaces, for example. With the versatility and adaptability of industrial brush technology, customized solutions can be designed for each application.

The type of fiber will influence the reaction of the brush and therefore the final result, as well as the durability. It is not the same to collect traces of gasoil on a river, to clean weeds between the stones of a garden, or to tear off the weeds between the cobblestones of the streets. The shape, size and type of anchor will also vary depending on the use and the machine to which it is attached.

For all these needs, SACEMA, thanks to its specialized R&D department, has given real solutions adapting to the means used by the company and its needs.

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