Sweeper with Collector

What is the SACEMA Sweeper with Collector?

Our Sweeper with Collector is an agricultural and/or industrial sweeper, composed of a rotating cylindrical brush and a collector box that allows the collection of waste, is intended for use in any type of industry and especially, and for the agricultural sector.

It provides an effective, high quality sweep, no matter what type of waste you have to sweep or on what surface.

Our Sweeper with Collector is the most appropriate when it is necessary to collect the waste, for this it has a large tank that has a hydraulic system that allows it to be emptied comfortably from the cabin.

This Sweeper with Collector is prepared with a modular frame which allows it to be attached to forklifts, auto-loaders or tractors, to which it easily attaches, without the need for tools, by means of quick pins and plugs for hydraulic connections.

For a good operation it is advised that the brushcutters for machines rotate sufficiently fast and without exerting any pressure on the ground with it other than their own weight.

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It is a system of traction with gears, without chains or belts, and with a hydraulic motor that allows the rotation to work in both directions when the machine goes forward or backward.

The only required maintenance is the greasing of the moving parts.

It is made of a 5 mm thick steel frame and a reinforced shaft in which the ring brushes, polypropylene brushes, or alternating plastic rings with steel are inserted, depending on the cleaning needs.

There are 4 standard measures of sweeping width: 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2100 and 2400 mm.

With the possibility of being tailored.

Finished with anticorrosive primming and painted.

Why buy our Sweeper with Collector?

  • It is a robust, durable and effective machine.
  • Removes all types of waste, whatever the dirt and surface.
  • It is easy to use and install.
  • It needs very little maintenance.
  • Significantly reduces manual cleaning time.
  • You don’t need to buy a traditional sweeper machine to clean large areas.
  • It can be used in multiple applications, including agriculture, industry or public works.

Applications Bucket Sweeper

  • Sweeping grains, cereals, feed, straw, manure, mud and sludge.

  • Also very useful for cleaning slurries, both liquid and solid.

  • Feed, straw and alfalfa.
  • Of industrial warehouses, parking, and public areas.

  • Cleaning for maintenance, sweeps of waste and shavings.

  • Sweeping in department stores, fairs, agglomerations.

  • Road cleaning after floods, temporary storms and catastrophes.

  •  Sweeping after rural parties or crowds, garbage, snow and water.
  • Collection and cleaning of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and rubble.

  • Recycling industry, and urban waste.

  • Movement of waste in the facilities.
  • Sand filling and finishing on roads and sidewalks.

  • Sand and gravel movements.

  • Clear stones, pave roads for access of vehicles in works.
  • Industrial waste, chips, scrap, windshield glass, parts and scrap material.

Metal racks and accessories can be customized or included in metal projects

If you need a simpler and cheaper sweeping system, with static sweeper, without moving parts, take a look at our Push Brush or our agricultural sweeper.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question related to the SACEMA Sweeper with Collector.