Weed Brush

At Sacema we supply a wide range of Weed Brush for Sweeping Machines, to be mounted on Road Sweeping Machines. These brushes have been developed to pluck weeds located next to the gutters and curbs of urban roads, ensuring a quick and effective intervention.

For a good operation it is advised that the Weed Brush for Machines rotate sufficiently fast and without exerting any pressure on the ground with it other than their own weight.

Gallery of Weed Brush for Sweeping Machines

It is available in two versions, with a 500 mm disc and 36 or 44 tufts. A very advantageous system when talking about the storage and transport of the brush and its spare parts since once mounted it is a very heavy brush (of the order of 33-45 kg).

These two models can only be used by urban sweeping machines with the capacity to work with a brush of such weight.

In addition to these cable brushes, we also supply a series of less heavy grass brushes or Weed Brushes. This type of brush is very suitable to function as a brush for brushing weeds on the third arm of your sweeping machine. A machine equipped with this brush will have a “shock effect” considerably lower than much heavier cable brushes.

Advantages of the Weed Brush for Sweeping Machines

The advantages of this compared to the others are mainly:

  • Its lighter weight (Approx. 17 kg., Compared to the almost 45 kg that the others can weigh).
  • Duration between 16 and 24 hours of use
  • Less damage to the surface
  • More meters per unit of time and therefore more productivity

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question related to SACEMA’s Weed Brush for Sweeping Machines.