Manual Weed Brush

Sacema’s Manual Weed Brush is a metal brush that attaches to manual Grass Trimmers, to remove herbs and plants that grow on curbs, sidewalks, cobblestones and ditches, as well as hard-to-reach areas with the classic brushcutter tools.

Our Manual Weed Brush is very hard and aggressive, with high capacity to pluck any grass or plant that grows in the grooves of the curbs, since it is made of strands of braided steel wire, providing great hardness and stability, as well as a long durability

Why use our Manual Weed Brush?

We offer this type of brush due to the limited capacity of the threads and blades of the classic Grass Trimmers, that when the thread touches the curb, it breaks and forces to stop to take out more thread.
In professional applications, more than one coil is consumed per operator per day in this type of work.
On the other hand, our Manual Weed Brush does not get damaged during the rubbing with the curb and copes with any plant that has grown in it.
It is a simple and ecological solution, since the product can be recovered in scrap when it is spent, and avoids the use of herbicides and chemicals that are dangerous for the environment.
In addition to being a productive tool, it saves a lot of time in the gardening services, since it copes with the herbs quickly and efficiently.

Use of Manual Weed Brush

It should always be used with safety glasses and protective gloves. In addition, the maximum allowable rotation speed is 10,000 revolutions per minute.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question related to the Manual Weed Brush for Grass Trimmers of SACEMA.