Car cleaning brush

Industrial brushes for car cleaning are manufactured in modules of 200 mm length, with a full range of filament colours available.


The most visual industrial brush model among private individuals is the car cleaning brush and industrial vehicles.

These are brushes of large diameter and size, with long filaments to adapt to the shape of the cars they are scrubbing. Individuals clearly recognise these car wash brushes from car wash stations, and often confuse cylindrical industrial or central sweeper brushes with these brushes, although they have nothing in common in terms of construction, dimensions or materials.

The car cleaning brush is manufactured in modules of 200 mm in length, with the following modules 89, 108, 114 and 120 mm, the latter, the 120 mm being the most common and therefore the most competitive. Outside diameters are standardised at 920, 1000, 1100 and 1200 mm, which cover the whole range and make special production very exceptional.

The car wash brush, in addition, has the particularity that the colour of the filament does matter, as it has a component of closeness to the user that other industrial brushes do not have, so you have a full range of different colours and shades.

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Depending on the shape of the filament, and the intended use, there are different types or models of car wash hoods:

  1. Traditional polyethylene

These are the most classic car wash brushes, with a manufacturing method more similar to industrial cylindrical brushes.

The filaments are made of 0.8 mm X-section polyethylene and can be used in all types of vehicles, whether they are cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, planes, trains or industrial vehicles.

They are the brushes with the widest range of colours, as they can be manufactured with coloured filaments: white, black, yellow, red, orange, purple, light and dark grey, as well as 5 shades of blue and 5 shades of green.

  1. Polyfoam

Car wash brushes made with polyfoam foam are an evolution of the traditional brushes, aiming to reduce the risk of leaving small marks on vehicles.

Polyfoam foam is very light and is usually supplied in rectangular profiles, which makes it very effective for precise and very quiet cleaning of all parts of the vehicle.

The foam is available in blue, grey, yellow, black, orange, red and green.

  1. Polytex Foam

Car wash brushes made of polytex foam are a variant of the Polyfom in which the foam is not rectangular sheets, but a large flat thin sheet that has a few cuts at the ends, so it is very similar to the previous one.

It is a very light, silent and compact product, which results in soft and resistant strips.

The foam is available in blue, black, green, red and yellow.

  1. Drying foam

This is the brush that is commonly used in the last phase of car washes, as it dries the vehicles by means of soft, spongy, water-absorbing strips of drying foam.

Currently only available in blue and green.

  1. Mix of the above

Apart from the drying foam, it is very common to make car wash brushes by mixing traditional polyethylene filaments with the different foams to improve the performance or to obtain the advantages of both products.

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