Roller Brushes

Roller Brushes are perfect for industrial, street or road sweeper machines.

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    Roller Brushes are perfect for industrial, street or road sweeper machines.


    SACEMA manufactures and supplies traditional Roller Brushes (sweeping brush or gutter brooms) for a wide range of industrial, street or road sweeper machines such as:

    • Piquersa 2000, Ø 500 x 1410 mm
    • Piquersa 2500, Ø 500 x 1500 mm
    • Piquersa 2300, Ø 500 x 1340 mm


    •  AUSA 120, Ø 450 x 875 mm
    • AUSA 201, Ø 550 x 1090 mm
    • Antoli 1500L, Ø 400 x 1120 mm
    • Schmidt SK, Faun y Cityfan (Bucher Schörling), Ø 400 x 750 mm


    • Dulevo 200, Ø 490 x 1285 mm
    • Dulevo 5000, Ø 650 x 1300 mm
    • MZ Imer, Ø 550 x 300 y Ø 550 x 800 mm
    • Scarab Mistral, Ø 400 x 1040 mm

    And there are lot of Roller Brushes, especially in industrial sweeper machines, like Nilfisk-Advance, PowerBoss, Isal, Hako, Karcher, Tennant, R.C.M., Dulevo, and many more.

    Cylindrical central brushes have, in one simple piece (sometimes the sweeper machine requires more than 1 brush), his pipe (normally polypropylene) and personalized bolts for each sweeper machine. Filaments shapes are designed according to client needs. It could be full made, V or U form, straight lines.

    They are made of polypropylene filaments, nylon (polyamide), polyester, or mixed poly and steel wires.
    We usually make ring brushes in plastic core getting small roller brushes if we need same special thickness, special filaments shape or easy assembly.

    If you still have questions about our Roller Brush contact us and we will find a solution for all of them.



    According to the Material of The Roller Brush

    Cepillos centrales



    Cepillos centrales


    Mix Poly + Flat Steel Wire

    Cepillos centrales


    We can offer countless of sweeping solutions with size and material of pipe, fittings and sweeping material.

    It is also possible to manufacture personalised brushes for other industrial applications.

    Data Sheet

    Data Sheet


    How is a central brush attached to the sweeper?

    It is important that the brush is perfectly mounted to the sweeper's drive, so that it pulls when it is working correctly and safely so that it does not spin madly. 

    The dragging method designed by the manufacturers of each sweeper machine is replicated.

    The majority of the brushes incorporate parts inside them that are tailored to the original design. Nipples, slots, square shafts, or ripped shafts are the many options that manufacturers have chosen.

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