GERMI is a device designed to remove the viruses and bacteria from the shoe-soles, using UV-C light, without consuming chemicals, and in just 10 seconds of work.
Ultraviolet-C light disinfection does not cause any damage to footwear or clothing, as it does not use bleach solutions or other chemicals.



Germi is an innovative product that seeks the disinfection of shoe soles by Ultraviolet- C light. It consists of a metal housing with two tempered 8 mm glasses that are exposed through shoe print silhouettes for each user’s foot. These footprints vary, there is an accessory that allows to adapt it for children.Germi ensures the removal of more than 99% of the viruses and bacteria that drag the sole of the shoes. The technology used by this product for disinfection is tested by studies from Boston University and Signify (Philips), the lamp manufacturer, and is CE Certified.
Signify, a Philips Brand, together with Boston University’s National Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL), has conducted research that validates the effectiveness of using UV-C ultraviolet light to eliminate SARS-CoV-2.
This product allows to disinfect the soles of shoes without the need of chemicals that may damage clothing or footwear. Germi has been tested in high traffic places for people.
Germi has a safety system that deactivates Ultraviolet light at the very first moment a person lifts one of the two feet before completing the decontamination process.

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Data Sheet

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