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SACEMA offers all types of Industrial Hose from the simplest to the most complex. All materials fit every application and need.

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    SACEMA offers all types of Industrial Hose from the simplest to the most complex. All materials fit every application and need.


    SACEMA offers all types of Industrial Hose from the simplest to the most complex. All materials fit every application and need.

    The Industrial Hose arrives in two forms, rubber and polyurethane (PUR).

    The Industrial Hose is useful in multiple sectors. First equipment, custom or turnkey installations, industrial maintenance, industrial vehicle, vehicle and public works machinery, pumping equipment, mining, concrete industrial, food industry, air conditioning installations and much more.

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    • NBR Nitrile
      The NBR Nitrile Industrial Hose is intended for the transport of hydrocarbons, since it is this material that best supports contact with the same.
    • Neoprene Rubber
      The Neoprene Rubber Industrial Hose is especially designed to work in aggressive environments and with a wide temperature range.
    • SBR
      The SBR Rubber Industrial Hose has similar characteristics to natural rubber with a much more affordable and versatile material, at a reduced cost.
    • Silicone
      The Industrial Silicone Hose manages to withstand demanding environments, temperatures up to 180ºC with durability that is difficult to match and at a very competitive price.
    • Fluoride-Silicone
      The Industrial Hose of Fluor-Silicone resists temperatures of up to 250ºC and hostile environments without losing its functionality or durability.
    • Natural Rubber
      Natural Rubber is the rubber that best supports abrasive fluids, so it is the option always chosen for the transport of aggregates.
    • EPDM
      EPDM rubber is the synthetic rubber most used for its wide range of applications, its excellent strength, durability and quality / price ratio.
    • VITON
      VITON Industrial Hose, the most specific type of fluorosilicone, is prepared to withstand the most demanding temperatures and environments.
    • Rubber
      The Industrial Rubber Hose is the most versatile and economical way to transport a wide variety of fluids in a huge range of applications.
    • Polyurethane
      Polyurethane is a polymer that is obtained by condensation of hydroxyl bases combined with diisocyanatos.




    • Rubber Reductions
      The possibility of constructing a conduit that one, of flexible and robust form, mouths of different diameters save important costs in little suitable solutions.
    • Armoured Industrial Hose
      The Armoured Industrial Hose is a particular case of hose in which 2 spirals of steel wire are used, the first embedded in the rubber layers and the second exterior view
    • Low Level Industrial Hose
      We offer short and even unitary series of Low Level or Sample Industrial Hose
    • Layered Rubber Industrial Hose
      The Layered Industrial Hose is the most versatile and economical way to drive fluids between different elements of a machine or vehicle, with different mouths and materials.
    • Elbows and Rubber Couplings
      The Rubber Elbows are manufactured from an extruded profile and formed on a tool with the appropriate shape so that, once vulcanized, it retains the shape
    • Flexible Industrial Hose
      The Flexible Industrial Hose with wire is able to flex or withstand strong depressions without collapsing. It is multipurpose and can be built with any material
    • High Pressure Industrial Hose
      The Rubber Industrial Hose for Water/Air for high pressure supports up to 15 bars in working pressure through additional textile reinforcements and greater wall thicknesses
    • Extruded Rubber Profiles
      The Extruded Rubber Profiles can be manufactured in different materials and shapes with the only limit of the head size of our extruders of approximately 150 mm.
    • Industrial Hose for Water/Air
      The Rubber Industrial Hose for Water/Air is simple with textile reinforcement that generally supports up to 6 bar pressure and no more than 120ºC temperature
    • Light Polyurethane Industrial Hose
      Polyurethane tube with spiral reinforcement in copper steel. Semi-smooth, light and flexible internal surface has a high resistance to abrasion, due to the characteristics of the polyurethane that makes it much more resistant than PVC. Resistant to atmospheric agents, ozone, mineral oil and a large part of chemical products. Optimum flexibility and compressible (5: 1) for easy transport and storage.

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