Strip Brushes

At Sacema we offer Strip Brushes, which are typically used as industrial brushes, also called ribbon brushes. It is a very versatile, effective, and durable product.


Sacema has a wide variety of industrial strip brushes whose name comes from its strap shape. There are six types of strip brushes:

  • Straight Strip Brushes
  • Inserted Strip Brushes
  • Flexible Inserted Strip Brush
  • Flexible Inserted Strip Brushes with Rubber Profile
  • Cup Strip Brushes
  • Metallic Spiral Strip Brush

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The Strip Brushes are customizable and are used in many and varied applications, including (among others):

  • Sealing
  • Separation and movements of products
  • Cleaning of conveyor belts
  • To Apply pressure on surface
  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Derive static charges
  • Polishing (Remove Surface Rough)
  • Filter, remove and delimitate cleaning-dirt or dust
  • Remove or delimit dust
  • Cleaning of Pipes (internal or external faces)
  • Glass, fruit or vegetable cleaning


For the strip brushes wires we provide this kind of materials: synthetic, natural, or metallic.

The most common synthetic ones are Polypropylene (PPN), Polyethylene (PE), and Polyamide (PA) in their different qualities.

In natural wires, the more often material is horsehair but is also sometimes done with Tampico.

And with metallic ones, we offer steel wire, stainless steel, brass steel, brass. Although inserted brushes are more limited to insert gross metallic wires.

There are many options for manufacturing brushes and infinite configurations for making strip brushes. For that reason, we recommend you to ask us about your specific strip brush needs and in Sacema we will offer you the brush that complies with them.

To take advice about the material of the wires of the brush, its length, the base, and the general design that best suits your needs, check out the data sheet of Sacema strip brushes.


Straight Strip Brushes

Data Sheet

These are the most common and versatile strip brushes. The filaments, which can be fabricated of plastics and metal or natural wires, are assembled to a compressed metal body. Usually, they are complemented with a support piece.

A series of sizes which define the strip’s head dimension as well as its density are provided in the data sheet. The available sizes are: 2.5, 4, 5, 8, 12 and 20, being sizes 2.5, 5 and 8 the most common ones.

Supports are disposed as well for the brushes. The parallel supports are called ‘H’ while the perpendicular ones are named ‘F’.

Additionally, Sacema fabricates a group of strip brushes in which the flap, generally stainless, leaves the main body; being the PH group the one in which the flap is parallel to the brushes and, the PF the one which is perpendicular to them.

Additional information about the Straight Strip Brushes is afforded in the data sheet.

Cepillo strip

Inserted Strip Brushes

Data Sheet

The manufacturing method of these strip brushes is using strands; this technique makes them more versatile than the standard type. An inserted strip brush is no more than a strip brush with a small head, as a consequence there are several options for defining these brushes.

Several types of inserted strip brushes are indicated in the data sheet, however it is always possible to adapt the measurements to the client’s necessities by redefining the thickness and width and length of the inserted strip bushes’ head.

Standard models can also be found in the data sheet.

The 1st type of brushes simulates the H standard model. These brushes can have two different platforms: a single-coloured one made of rigid plastic materials, and a two-coloured one with an attached aluminium coverage.

The 2nd type has 45-degree supports, while the third, fourth and fifth types are right-angled.

Brushes of the types 6 and 12 are designed to attach to glass construction and can be installed in doors, windows or any other type of glass.

Profile 7 is similar to the first one, the difference is that it has a 90 degree flap which imitates an F model.

Profile 8 has small flaps which are designed to insert into mounting carriers of rapid replacement.

Lastly, the types 9,10 and 11 have the most technical supports.

The different measurements, sizes and lengths of the filaments used in the inserted strip brushes are provided in the data sheet.

Cepillo strip

Flexible Strip Brush

Data Sheet

This brush is an evolution of the latter in which the support is made of a flexible material (rubber) that grants it spectacular flexibility and adaptability conditions. It is useful to reach round, cylindrical, ellipsoid or spiral hollows.

As they are inserted brushes, they can be fabricated with plastic or natural filaments, nonetheless, this flexibility weakens the platform, making it impossible to insert wires in it.

They come out in coils of 25 meters long generally, however, more technical and smaller models can be filled in larger lengths. Being capable of cutting the desired length with a pair of scissors, helps benefit the material, as well as its storage and transport.

Their flexibility makes it possible to glue, drill, fold or compress them without any damage.

As well as with the rest of brushes we can distinguish different profiles within this type whose aspects can be found in the data sheet.

The 1st type of the flexible inserted strip brushes is equivalent to the first of the inserted ones and the H standardised model.

The 2nd one has a parallel head too, but it is inserted into a steel flap. Each head admits a thickness range in the supported steel that is indicated in the data sheet.

The 3rd type is similar to the 2nd, but the head is fixed in a slot.

The 4th and fifth type are lodged with flaps in accommodations.

The types 7th, 8th and 9th are homologous to the first three types but with supports identical to those of the F standardised model.

Profiles 10th and 11st are rectangular and flexible, and the twelfth fixates in order not to opt out the slot.

The different measurements, sizes and lengths of the filaments used in the flexible inserted strip brushes are provided in the data sheet.

Cepillo strip

Flexible Inserted Strip Brushes with Rubber Profile

Data Sheet

This model is an evolution of the previous flexible brush in which the flexible rubber profile incorporates rubber flaps which wrap the filaments releasing only the last millimetres of the end of the bristles.

The rubber flaps wrap around the filaments, so there is no space between them in order to enhance the tightness of the brush.

They are profiles extremely technical and come out in coils of 25 meters long disposed in 4 different types.

The 1st one, as well as the rest of its predecessors, matches the H standardised model. The 2nd has a square profile. The 3rd has a right-angled model like the F strip, and the 4th type can fixate inside slots like the 2nd model of the flexible brushes.

The different measurements, sizes and lengths of the filaments used in the flexible inserted strip brushes with rubber profile are provided in the data sheet.

Cepillo strip

Metallic Spiral Strip Brush

Data Sheet

These brushes have a spiral shape, and like the cup strip brushes, they are standardised models with a metal body which is curved and folded through a manufacturing process that makes it lose its original strip shape turning it into a spiral.

The spiral can have inward or outward filaments and its measurements are determined by the outer and inner diameters, the brush’s head, the step and its global length.

Still, the majority of the spiral strip brushes have a certain spring effect which helps them adapt to their intended future assembly or use.

The different options of metallic spiral strip brushes available are provided in the data sheet.

Cepillo strip espiral

Cup Strip Brushes

Data Sheet

These brushes are included in the strip brushes family since they are standard strip brushes with a metal body. A manufacturing process is applied to curve and fold them, losing the original strip shape and transforming into cups and circles.

These circular strips are classic strip brushes which fold within themselves forming washers, and can have inward or outward strands.

The cup strip brushes are a circular version in which the filaments stand at a certain angle with regard to the horizontal supports.

The different options of cup strip brushes available are provided in the data sheet.

Cepillo strip de vaso