Gutter protection brush

At Sacema we offer our gutter protection brushes, these brushes are designed to prevent dirt from clogging the gutters of our houses, in the simplest way and without requiring complex maintenance.

These brushes are ideal for preventing clogging of the gutters due to leaves, branches, gravel, etc. Maintenance consists of removing the brush from the gutter when it no longer holds any dirt, cleaning it with a little water and replacing it without drying it.


This gutter protection brush is the ideal product to prevent dirt from clogging our drains or gutters. Adapting to the different gutter sizes, this brush prevents dirt such as leaves dry branches, dirt and rubbish in general from getting into the gutter, acting as a blocking barrier and preventing it from clogging.

Its maintenance is based on removing it from the gutter, cleaning it with water and repositioning it in the desired position, making it a very simple product that avoids the complex process of unblocking gutters.

We manufacture our Gutter Protection Brush in 3-metre lengths, available in different formats. The number of units per kit varies depending on the desired diameter.


– It prevents gutters from clogging due to natural dirt, thus saving the process of unblocking a drain or gutter.

– Maintenance is only carried out with clean water, without the need for drying, so it can be done in just a few minutes.

– The different diameters available adapt to the measurements of each gutter, ensuring the perfect operation of our brush trapping dirt.

– It does not degrade in the sun.

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We manufacture our gutter protection brushes in 3 metre lengths, available in the following formats:

Diameter 100 mm, kit includes 9 units.

Diameter 120 mm, kit includes 5 units.

Diameter 150 mm, kit includes 4 units.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet