Disc Brushes

We are manufacturers of custom-made industrial Disc Brushes.

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    We are manufacturers of custom-made industrial Disc Brushes.


    We are manufacturers of custom-made industrial Disc Brushes. Their dimensions can be fully defined by the customers: the outer diameter, the inner diameter, the separation of the anchor bolts to the engine, the material of the brush bases and the material of its wires including its specific shapes and arrangements. At Sacema we offer a range of fill combinations for your demand.


    If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    This kind of Disc Brushes are very versatile and extremely flexible tools. Their range of functions include scrubbing, polishing surfaces treatments, weld cleaning, coating, grinding processes, deburring, washing or abrasives; all of them are specially recommended for cleaning flat surfaces.

    Industrial Disc Brushes are usually externally driven by a motor or driven by a transmission and combined with cleaning products leads to a better outcome.

    All types of industries are using Disc Brushes, in common areas of application such as:

    • Polishing
    • Deburring
    • Processing of surfaces
    • Landslides
    • Washing and Difficult Cleaning
    • As support element


    They have so many uses, and at Sacema we decided to give the possibility of choosing their materials:

    • Synthetic
    • Metallic
    • Vegetable or Animal
    • Base made of wood, plastic, or metal


    The Industrial Disc Brushes can also be manufactured with different distribution and separation of the filaments, to get a dense brush depending on the application carried out.

    You can download its data sheet and indicate us the necessary data for your brush, such as its dimensions, materials, and quantity. Do not hesitate to make any enquiry.

    Data Sheet

    Data Sheet

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