Pad and disks for floor cleaners

In today’s post we are going to talk about some floor cleaning machine consumables that are for doing complementary works for the scrubbing brushes and Tinex (carbide), such as the pad (scrubbing discs) for maintaining floors, as an alternative product to scrub brushes.

These elements are attached to the floor cleaner by means of short fiber brushes, pad holders or a widely used brushes.

The pad is easily distinguished from each other by colors and is more or less aggressive.
The softest is white, which is a very soft brightener, designed to work dry or for very light scrubbing.

The next one, and one of the most common is ther red, since it is used in daily cleaning to scrub.

Very similar to the red is the blue, although this is more oriented to scrubbing in moisture. Blue is also used to dry off soft soils.

Pad Disco Fregadora

Now we turn to the aggressive stripper .:
The softest is the brown. Because it is the softest, it is used to strip delicate or protected floors, or to scrub and maintain very dirty industrial floors.

And finally, the most aggressive and hard of all would be the black. Which is used for the most demanding and dirty industrial floors, and to strip surfaces with residues of old finishes.

A completely different disk that could have been put in the first place because it has a soft top would be the mopa discs, used exclusively dry and for dust.

The measurements are like those of standard brushes, from 10 “to 21” (in inches).

Pad Disco Fregadora

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