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Maintenance of your beach

We are in the high season of summer and after much deliberation with your friends, family, or with yourself, you have decided to take advantage of the few sun rays to spend the summer afternoon on the beach. This very recurrent plan is the favorite of many people as it looks good to be on the crowded beaches of the famous Benidorm.

Well, it turns out that among the waste we find most on beaches are cigarette butts, food wrappers, drink bottles, plastic bags, soda caps, plastic cutlery, straws, glass bottles, beverage cans and papers, all this is something that we all use in our visits to the beach and leave them creating a dirty environment.

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At SACEMA we want to give you a series of tips to make it easy and not too tiring to leave the beach clean, or at least not dirtier than it was when you arrived.

  1. Use a container with a lid to deposit the waste, so you will prevent the wind from blowing them away.
  2. Drink from a single reusable bottle, so you will avoid generating garbage and it will be easier not to forget it in the sand.
  3. Use beach ashtrays to prevent cigarette butts from reaching the sea, as it is the majority waste on the coast.
  4. Reuse your plastic bags, your containers and other disposable materials, when you finish using them, put one inside the other and take them home or deposit them in their corresponding container.
  5. When entering the sea with toys, make sure that these are of a minimum quality and that they will not lose part of their components, because the sea currents will drag them to the beach, where they will stay until someone picks them up.
  6. Do not use to bury objects in the sand, and if you do remember where you did it to be able to dig them up later and not leave them there.
  7. Get used to using the bathrooms that are on the beach.
  8. If you take your pet to do some exercise on the sand, keep an eye on it, because it can do its needs anywhere and it is up to you to clean them.
  9. Do not feed the seabirds, as they get used to going to the beach and using it as their recreation area, disturbing your towel neighbors and bathers.
  10. If you see trash in the sand, even if it isn’t yours, pick it up and put it in the trash.

We hope that thanks to this series of tips that we offer at SACEMA, you’ll help us keep the beaches clean for your enjoyment.

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