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Maintenance of promenades

There is no 2 without 3, so this week we finish talking about the cleanliness that coastal tourist destinations need at this time of year. On this occasion we are going to focus on the cleanliness of the promenades, since they are busy public places and need extra attention at this time.

Road cleaning services usually devote a large amount of material and human resources, depending on the dimensions of the promenade, to meet the significant increase in population and traffic that occurs at this time of the year.

And it is not surprising because looking carefully is the responsibility of the environmental service of the municipalities.

On the promenades, the tasks of washing, water cleaning, scrubbing and mechanical sweeping are usually carried out early in the morning when there is less influx of people.

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But not only do you have to keep the pavement clean, you also have to worry about street furniture and the disinfection of fountainsfootbaths and walkways; apply products that prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria in showers, foot washers, walkways and adjoining areas; and the maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of beach facilities, such as toilets and changing rooms.

These road cleaning works are complemented with the cleaning of the walls and railings of the promenades; the removal of waste in hard-to-reach areas and cliffs; the maintenance of the accesses for accessible beaches, and the cleaning and leveling of the sand in the natural outlets of rainwater.

In addition, if there are fairs, events or local parties, they will also have to maintain the areas where such events are authorized.

Therefore, the cleaning of public areas involves the involvement of both material and personal resources, and administrations are increasingly aware.

To keep our beaches and walks clean do not forget to follow the advices of SACEMA, if you are going to enjoy them and ask us for advice if you have to keep them. Good planning, having resources and a reliable provider guarantees a good management of the cleanliness of the beaches.
Now to enjoy them!

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