Strip Brush

At Sacema we offer strip brushes, which are a typically used like industrial brushes, also called ribbon brushes. It’s a very versatile, effective and durable product.

Strip brush according to profile and materials

Straight strip brush with aluminum slotted profile

The core base of the strip brush is a U-shaped metal profile, with a thickness of 0.5 mm or 0.8 mm depending on the format, and in stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel.

The strip is rigid and straight, it’s incrusted in an aluminum support guide and can be coupled with synthetic, metallic or natural wires. The standard length is 3 meters, but it could be adapted to any other defendant.

Strip brush inserted

It’s an inserted strip brush on rigid and resistant profiles. There are many options, not only for the reason of the different wires possibilities, but because of the multitude of profiles bases on which to insert.

Their different profile sizes can be accommodated in the same aluminum support guides as the metal profile strip brushes or in C guides prepared for a quick and frequent change.

Flexible insert strip brush

These kind of strip brushes are inserted in a flexible profile. The flexibility of the brush allows installation in radial or curved contours, adapting to any geometry demanded to install the brush. Available in coils of 25 meters, easy to store and you can cut the necessary measure, without generating waste. They can be glued, clamped or plugged in even radially.

Flexible inserted strip brush with rubber profile

Sacema offers this product to obtain an absolute seal with flexibility. These flexible strip brushes achieved with an elastic profile, provided with 2 rubber lips, offering an optimal seal against dust, air currents, thermal variation or dirt, due to the adaptation of the wires.

Metallic Spiral strip brush:

Our spiral strip brush is made with a metallic profile, instead of being straight, it goes rolling in an axis with the aim of obtaining a roller type brush or cylindrical brush. This type of spiral strip offers a high density when they are rolled together. Although it’s very common, leave a separation between rows in order to have a relief.

These spiral strip brushes, due to their constitution, can’t be lodged in support guides.

Cup Strip Brush

It’s a kind of strip brush pressed on a rigid metal and looped profile with a single turn to form a dish shape, available with different thickness and materials wires to use them in all varieties of surfaces. The cup and cylindrical strip brushes are used to particular tasks like the sealing around a cylindrical rotating part, such as a drill bit or a grinding device. The cup brush protects the operation of chips or dust that fly into your surrounding area.

These cup strip brushes  have great demand due to their adaptability for multiple industrial processes such as deburring machines, conditioning surfaces and smoothing edges, as well as finishing works.

Strip Brush Applications

The strip brushes are absolutely customizable and are used in many and varied applications, including (among others):

  • Sealing
  • Separation and movements of products
  • Cleaning of conveyor belts
  • To Apply pressure on surface
  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Derive static charges
  • Polishing (Remove Surface Rough)
  • Filter, remove and delimitate cleaning-dirt or dust
  • Remove or delimit dust
  • Cleaning of Pipes (internal or external faces)
  • Glass, fruit or vegetable cleaning

Materials of the strip brushes

For the strip brushes wires we provide this kind of materials: synthetic, natural or metallic.

The most common synthetic ones are Polypropylene (PPN), Polyethylene (PE), and Polyamide (PA) in their different qualities.

In natural wires, the more often material is horsehair but is also sometimes done with Tampico.

And with metallic ones, we offer steel wire, stainless steel, brass steel, brass. Although inserted brushes are more limited to insert gross metallic wires.

There are many options for manufacturing brushes and infinite configurations for making strip brushes. For that reason, we recommend you to ask us about your specific strip brush needs and in Sacema we will offer you the brush that complies with them.

To take advice about the material of the wires of the brush, its length, the base and the general design that best suits your needs, check out the data sheet of Sacema strip brushes.

Gallery of Strip Brushes SACEMA

If you have any questions or would like to know which Strip Brush suits you best don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible. We are happy to help.