Spiral Brush

Spiral brush is a variant of the strip brushes.
Spiral brush is a steel profile strip brush that has a spiral form: We add a special tool to the strip brush making machine when it is finishing the strips, this tool bends it and it creates a traditional spiral brush.
It has a lot of applications on dynamic systems and same uses than traditional or straight strip brushes.

We have same design options in spiral brushes as in rigid metal body strips, that is, they can be made in the different sizes of bodies, output and fiber materials that are needed, although they have some limitation in the radius of curvature both in small and big size.

Gallery of SACEMA's Spiral Brush

Types of Spiral Brush SACEMA

You have to define 2 more variables, added to lots of strip brushes options: radius of curvature and step.

Even, it could be made by a standard flexible strip brush, that you use their flexibility for getting their traditional spiral form.

Spiral brush, according to dimensions, it has a flexible spring effect based of small flexibility of steel strip head.

Filaments could be inward or outward, according to service required.

It could work with a fixed spiral brush and pieces in dynamic or vice versa, but they are always used in dynamic applications.

When your brush has filaments inward, it could work in cables, chains, profiles, belts and other elements that move continuously.

An outward spiral brush could work in tunnels, pipes, internally machined parts, cylinders and so on.

It is not always going to work as cleaner or polisher, a spiral brush is used for pieces movement, for example, when you have to make them gain height through a cylinder or pipe.

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