Lath Brushes

Lath Brushes and Table Brushes are made with rectangular or square bases, it provides quality, versatility and very simple solutions, given the large number of applications in which they can be found without requiring complex installations.

Applications of Sacema Lath Brushes

These lag and flat plate brushes are used in applications like guiding products in production chains, application of bottle labeling, cushioning, leveling, scrubbing, supporting tables for delicate pieces and also transportation of devices …

These lath brushes are adaptable to any sector and are usually used to: seal, close gaps, apply liquids, grease, clean, polish, protect, brake, golf mats, dampen the noise of CNC cutters and punching machines or simply to straighten the packaging cuts as well as countless other applications in all kind of industries like printing, pharmaceutical, horticultural or food processing.

And a unique advantage of using plate or lag brushes is that they can easily be custom trimmed or be set up as interlocking pieces for changing design layouts or wear rotation.

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Gallery of Lath Brushes

Materials of Lath Brushes

These Lath Brushes and Table Brushes, are custom-made, with specified measurements, technical specifications and materials requirements of the customers

They can be of plastic, metallic or wooden base, with the possibility of inserting fibers in tufts of different diameters and arranged in a line or with the three-piece depending on how dense the brush is wanted.

The fibers of these industrial brushes can be of synthetic, natural or metallic material, with the desired length and with low, medium or high densities depending on the application or use of the brush.

If you have any questions, or want to install one of these Lath Brushes in a new application, contact us and our team will answer you as soon as possible.

You can download the product data sheet, where with a simple sketch. You can specify the means and materials required for your Industrial Lath Brush.