Flexible Honing Brush

SACEMA’s Flexible Honing Brush, is the flexible tool for honing, to obtain the best industrial honing on a surface finish that can be achieved with industrial tools.

It is a resistant and self-centering tool because it is so flexible for all types of interior finishes. The flexible honing elements are designed to apply the appropriate working pressure achieving an ideal surface finish.

SACEMA’s Flexible Honing Brush is the ideal tool to achieve a micro-structure with a minimum 60% bearing area (type ‘plateau’) and cross-linked pattern, thus optimizing the retention of oil in the cylinder and increasing performance and life of the parts, which a traditional industrial brush cannot achieve.

SACEMA’s Flexible Honing Brush reduces surface roughness values (Ra and Rpk) achieving a surface finish of exceptional quality, smooth and even, without deforming the material and with an unequaled edge rounding.

Easy use in both portable and manual tools and in automatic machines such as machining centers, lathes or mills. Configurable in abrasive grains from 60 to 400, both in silicon carbide or aluminum oxide.

SACEMA’s Flexible Honing Brush is the best performance-price solution for interior finishes that can be found in the market.

Applications of the Flexible Honing Brush

SACEMA's Flexible Honing Brush gives extraordinary results

Exceptional surface finish with the least roughness in applications such as:

  • Engine cylinders
  • Connecting rod
  • Cam & Crank bores
  • Pneumatic & hydraulic cylinders
  • Valve guides
  • Compressed air equipment
  • Wheel brake cylinder
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Tube & pipes

Plus hundreds of other applications for the automotive, aerospace,

hydraulic, heat exchanger & arms industries.

Cepillo Flexible Bruñido - 2
Cepillo Flexible Bruñido - 1

Instructions for the use of the Flexible Honing Brush

  • At all times, safety glasses and safety gloves must be worn
  • Choose the Flexible Honing Brush corresponding to the inner diameter of the cylinder to work or to the immediately superior one (Ex .: for an interior of Ø 11.5 mm, an interior brush of Ø12 mm is chosen)
  • Lubricate with SAE 10 to 30 viscosity oil or burnishing oil, to protect it from rust
  • For work on brake cylinders lubricate only with hydraulic brake fluid
  • Recommended speed: 350 to 700 RPM
  • Usually, work with 60 to 120 oscillations / min., being able to increase to achieve crossed stripes from 45° to 60°
  • Clean with SACEMA nylon brushes, with hot water and soap
  • Honing time: 20 to 40 seconds
  • Served in individual case

If you still have doubts about our Flexible Honing Brush contact us and we will answer all your questions.