Antistatic Brushes

These antistatic brushes have been developed to derive static charges that can cause losses in productivity, quality losses, damage to electronic systems and even risks of fire or explosion of flammable materials present in factories.
These loads that are generated by contact or friction between components are derived by very fine wires of these brushes, composed with carbon or stainless steel (even ostrich feather) wires.
This phenomenon can produce two pieces to stick to the static charge or generate sparks by contact, which can lead to risk of explosions in hazardous environments.

Gallery of Antistatic Brushes SACEMA

The least effective solutions and the most expenses are the continuous stoppages of the production process to prevent these loads to form, therefore, these antistatic brushes play a very important role as they allow to derive the charges and make these unnecessary expensive stops

Compounds Antistatic Brushes SACEMA

  • Stainless steel wires with chrome-nickel-molybdenum, these filaments are twisted to form a thread and are very resistant to abrasion.
  • Carbon wires, are excellent drivers.
  • Ostrich feathers, usually used in rollers to remove dust and eliminate electrostatic charge.

They are usually placed in the form of strips that make contact between two surfaces but can also be seen in strands or locks of carbon wire.

Main Advantages of Antistatic Brushes

  • Provide more security in the processing of textiles and paper (being highly flammable products).
  • Prevents possible problems in the production process.
  • Protection for individuals and for the product.

Below these lines, we leave the data sheet with the main profiles of these brushes.

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