Industrial brushes for wood treatment

It is very common that in the wood industry there are brushing machines or sanders with brushes.These brushes are cylindrical type brushes, either in one piece or by modules or

There are several possibilities of fibers that are used for the manufacture of brushes for wood: carbide, tampic, brass steel and tampic mixture with sandpaper inserts.

Both the carburundo, that there are several degrees depending on whether it is harder or softer, and steel
brass, they are used for a strong attack on the wood and therefore sanding. The tampico, works behind the first, and serves to clean the previously sanded material.
There are also brushes by modules with sandpaper inserts on a tampic base. They do the 2 previous functions in a single product: An abrasive sandpaper is used in the first operations to sand and a fine one in the end to clean.

Almost all wood planing machines have several shafts (at least 2), they begin to treat the wood with aggressive brushes until they finish with only the tampico brush or this one mixed with fine sandpaper inserts.

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