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There are currently numerous improvements in the field of sheet metal machining. Many processes of milling and turning in series are replaced by laser cutting and plasma cutting, which are significantly faster and allow the cutting of high alloy steels and of steels with large thicknesses.

But these processes are linked to a problem, the generation of thermal burrs. A thermal burr is usually referred to as waste or slag, these appear during plasma or laser cutting where the metal excess of the cut solidifies stuck to the piece with micro-welds, generating burrs that hinder the finish of the piece.

Until now, this could be solved with a subsequent cleaning done manually based on hammer and cold, which in spite of not being a job that requires a lot of effort, it does require a lot of time when it comes to long series. And although it is true that deburring machines already exist, they eliminate vertical burr creating a grain or brush finish but still leave horizontal burrs and sharp edges. In other words, many burrs are reduced but not eliminated.

At Sacema we have developed an industrial brushing solution that puts an end to this problem by cleaning the parts at the exit of the plasma or laser in an automated and totally personalised way for each job, cleaning the parts with a quality surface finish, our motorised belt cleaner, with a metal brush.

limpiador de banda

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