Comfort brush for cows

Our Comfort brush for cows is designed so that the cattles also have their moments of relaxation. For this our system is used, which consists of a rotating cylindrical brush that alternates two movements: a slow rotating movement and an angular swinging one that covers most of the animal’s skin.

The comfort brush for cows is made of polypropylene fiber of medium or hard section, it massages the back of the cows, providing them moments of rest and relaxation.
The cleaning and maintaining of the brush is also very easy with water under pressure.

There are two variations of these brushes, some cylindrical, with the same construction as the central brushes (rollers) of road sweeping machines, and others, which have a central narrowing that allows the brush to adapt to the curvature of the body of the cow.

A single comfort brush for cows allows the grooming of up to 60 cows. It can also be used on other animals such as goats or horses, but it is not advisable to use it on animals whose fur is longer than 3 cm.

Comfort brush for cows Gallery

Some of these systems have a motion sensor that makes the brush activate when it detects that the animal is close so it is not working continuously in favor of saving energy. The Comfort brush for cows must operate at a favorable speed, and if possible, with a quiet engine to reduce stress.

Its function is to improve blood flow and enhance the health of livestock naturally, so their milk will be of better quality.
The Comfort brush for cows also helps to improve the health of the skin and to stay fresh, since it removes the layer of dirt that prevents the correct transpiration of the skin through the coat. Certain studies have shown that it reduces cases of clinical mastitis.
This system is widely used throughout northern Europe, more than 30000 livestock farms already have them installed.

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