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Clean city, happy destination!

Summer is just around the corner: days get longer, clarity floods the streets, the coats are stored, terraces are full of people, children are heard playing in the street…

In Spain, tourism is one of the engines of the economy. The appeal that our culture, gastronomy, sun and charisma projects on our European neighbors is well known. Not only them, we love to enjoy the benefits of our country, and the same happens with a great diversity of tourists from all over the world.

What would happen if the streets of our idyllic vacation spot were dirty? If urban waste wasn’t collected? If everywhere were constructions? It certainly does not seem enough to ruin anyone’s vacation, but surely for the next trip they would choose another destination.

An appealing environment that meets expectations is more and more essential for the image of our municipality. With the rise of social networks and access to information and user opinions, it is rumored that our municipality is not prepared for tourism can make it languish to the detriment of more careful neighbors.

Cuidad Limpia

That is why it is important to have the city ready for the summer, the right personnel and reliable street cleaning solution providers, who can provide fast and quality service, also offering items that facilitate and reduce the difficult task of maintaining a clean town. Choosing brushes for greener sweepers or passing the road sweeper early in the morning, for example, are simple and effective solutions that help create a more attractive environment for tourism.

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